Masonry steps are durable, low maintenance and are a visual accent to your home.

Job No: 18131030

Imagine Brick replaced wooden steps with brick.

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Job No: 14081804

The existing steps were damaged and failing. In order to have the new step treads match the existing construction of the home a matching brick was used.


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Job No: 12092728

The homeowners contacted Imagine Brick with a new design to change the front entrance to their home. The existing masonry had settled requiring replacement. Imagine Brick constructed a new masonry stoop and steps to the homeowners design.

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Job No: 10073022

The existing concrete step base had settled. Note the large space in the before pictures at the top tread and how mortar is present to show the original height. Imagine Brick removed the original steps and concrete base. A new base was constructed using steel to tie the new footing into the stoop to prevent any further settling problems. The new steps totaled five treads. The original steps totaled four and had settled enough to justify a complete tread when reconstructed. Solid brick are also used for the best look.


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Job No: 06040204

The original step treads had settled due to an improper foundation. The original construction was removed. A new foundation was created for the step treads. The steps were then reconstructed and a new concrete walkway was poured and finished.


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Job No: 06020304

The homeowner had existing step treads that were in need of repair. The original step treads looked bad but were structurally sound. Brick pavers were installed directly over the existing step treads to give a completely new look. The original side walls were removed and replaced with new in the same design. The original concrete walkway was damaged so it was removed. New concrete and brick pavers were installed in a basket weave pattern.

Job No: 04010502

This client's entrance was in need of repair but had no structural problems. Upon meeting with them we decided to replace the stoop landing terracotta with thin paver brick in a Herringbone pattern. The damaged sections of the step treads and stoop were removed and replaced entirely. The entrance was safely and cost-effectively reconstructed.


Job No: 02060709

The homeowner wanted us to rebuild the front steps.